We are the 5th generation of a native Holy Land Christian family.
Our workshop is located Beside the Church of Nativity in the Bab Al Deer Area.
All our products are crafted from genuine olive wood timber that was grown in the lands of Jerusalem with great respect to the environment and tradition.
We specialize in marketing and distribution of unique handmade religious objects manufactured by our high skilled and professional craftsmen, whom have worked in traditional carving and art for many years.

With support coming in from over 63 countries around the world, we want to thank the piety and the faithful and the lovers of everything done in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, who have supported our cause over the years and who believe in what we do and in our goals and vision for the future. We pray that your reward would be mighty and in good measure. We acknowledge you all from all over the globe all the different countries you patronise us from and we continue to encourage you to share information about us and our products to family and friends and on social media about the work we are doing.