For over two centuries, spanning into the 7th generation our native Holy Land Christian family have honed the practice of marketing and distributing hand crafted religious objects and artefact made by nuns and under privileged faithful and pious women in monasteries who make rosaries for a living and statues from highly skilled craftsmen, professionals who had the craftsmanship handed down to them from previous generations, a skill and knowledge of carving and art being in the family for years and generations before now. The love of Christ our saviour and redeemer and our faith in him as given us the grace to remain in the Holy Land despite its many tribulations and political upheavals and by staying we have sustained the tradition handed to us by our progenitors and have given succour to the nuns who hand make these rosaries as well as the craftsmen who carve and make religious art from the finest olive woods. Yes indeed, our products of Olive wood rosary, Olive wood nativity and Olive wood beads are all crafted from genuine olive wood grown in the Holy sites of Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Galilee, cities that our Lord Jesus himself lived and walked on wile on earth and we produce these arts with great respect to his legacy and to the environment and traditions of these lands. These products have uses that are beyond the traditional uses of putting them up in prayer stands or churches but are excellent choice of presents as gifts from the Holy land. With support coming in from over 63 countries around the world, we want to thank the piety and the faithful and the lovers of everything done in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, who have supported our cause over the years and who believe in what we do and in our goals and vision for the future. We pray that your reward would be mighty and in good measure. We acknowledge you all from all over the globe all the different countries you patronise us from and we continue to encourage you to share information about us and our products to family and friends and on social media about the work we are doing.