Olive Wood Beads

olive wood beads

Here we offer various sizes and shapes of The Holy Land Bethlehem olive beads. olive Beads By OliveWoodPro are not just normal beads, every bead we make brings with it the smell and fragrance of the land which our Lord lived and walked on , these olive wood beads have meanings beyond the art, design and beautify, these beads can be a very important blessing for Believers.

The olive Beads

we offer are all handmade in The holy land and made of trimmings of olive wood trees growing in the Lands of Bethlehem and Jerusalem.
The wood beads
we offer are all made with respect to nature and tradition, we never cut a living tree to make beads or ruin any plant in this planet,
we use the trimming made by the farmerst themselfes to make our products.

Our Olive beads

are treated and ready to be used for all your heart desire, Jewelry , dolls and anything you may think of.

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