Olive wood Nativity

Olive Wood Nativity Set Christmas presents Bethlehem

We handmade the Nativity sets from natural olive wood taken from annual trimming of the olive groves in Holy land and not imported!
This nativity set is handmade and crafted from the most unique olive wood in the land.

We have carved The nativity set

beautifully depicts the birth of the Lord into an olive wood tree branch which gives it an authentic feel and conveys the humility of the old days and the birth of our Lord Jesus in the manger.
The set is completely made of natural and every product has its own unique shape and depiction.

A beautiful and functional decoration for Christmas

brings the blessings and peace that comes from the Holy Land into your home.
This carved relic is handmade at the site of nativity in the Holy Land of Bethlehem, produced from original olive wood taken from the annual trimmings in the olive groves of the Holy Land.
Christmas presents
In addition the product comes with a certificate that certifies its originality as coming from the Holy land.

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