Olive Wood Bowls set / plate / Bowl Nuts / Vintage Dish / Tapas 5 – 8″ / 12 – 20 Cm Hand Made Holy Land



Olive Wood Bowls set / plate / Bowl Nuts / Vintage Dish / Tapas 5 – 8″ / 12 – 20 Cm Hand Made Holy Land

olive wood Bowls set plate hand-crafted olive wood special set 4 diameters (being hand-crafted individual product size may vary slightly).

Each piece is completely unique, due to the natural color and grain of olive wood no two pieces are ever the same.

The stunning nature of the wood makes this set a beautiful decorative piece for jewelry, pot-pourri or anything else you can think of. What’s more, due to the natural treatment of the wood it is suitable for food as well.
wood bowls

Wood Bowls Size:

 8″ , 7″ , 6″ , 5″ inches / 20 , 18 , 15 , 12 cm

 5″-8″ / 12-20 cm set of 4 plates 

The plates are made of the annual trimming in the olive groves of holy land.

Please note! Due to the natural coloring of the olive wood, every wooden item is different from one another.

Our Wood Bowls

wood bowls

We handmade the plates from natural olive wood taken from annual trimming of the olive groves in Holy land and not imported!

This Olive wood rosary is handmade and crafted from the most unique olive wood in the land.

This plate is handmade at the Holy Land, produced from original olive wood taken from the annual trimmings in the olive groves of the Holy Land.

In addition the product comes with a certificate that certifies its originality as coming from the Holy land.

We guarantee you will not find the quality of our olive wood products anywhere else!

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